Freiwillige Helfer: Alvaro

Over three months helping at Stop Staring Start Caring Foundation I came across to learn about many sad situations these girls are going through. Help is needed, that is a reality. the organisation’s work developed, to build this new homes for raped children. This is the key to get these kids away from that outrageous experience and situation.
I found out, in several occasions how badly things turn out for these kids once they’re raped: mocked, abused, exploited and raped over and over again, after once they are tagged “dirty” for the rest of their life. Without this help their life will be condemned forever avoiding any chance of prosperity in their hometown.
By bringing them into the foundation we give them the opportunity they deserve. A chance to learn and grow their children, a chance to learn, the chance to get back what unfairly was taken away. To get a new start. The makers of Pahan Tharuwa came up with a complete, sophisticated and sustainable plan to take care of the girls in an incomparable way. To establish german accuracy of planing on a field of asian improvisation and lazy culture by making sure it works, is an outstanding piece of art and immense experience! They already established it at Meth Sewa (see below), it takes time but it works excellent and by itself… this is the most important and still very impressive!
Stop Staring’s other project, “Meth Sewa foundation” rescues disabled and Down syndrome people who are considered as a result of bad karma over the ignorant belief or as result of poverty. Families abandon or dump them in any place in order to get rid of that shame. Some of this kids need a simple, not so costly surgery that would change their life for good. Economic resources, clothes and everyday’s care products are required to keep up this project. Without this donations most of them don’t survive, as we sadly had to experience.
I feel great to have been shortly part of this helping project over three months. I have feed them, played many playground games, made them laughed, we have taken care of this lovely people who deserve to be loved, not to be trashed as if they are old clothes or damaged stuff.
Seeing and experiencing the situation with the disabled children, I know how important the work at Pahan Tharuwa is and how extremely necessary it is required. Compared to most of the disabled children, the girls are fully conscious about the horrible incidents they have gone through. Considering the heart breaking fact, that there is only one other house in Sri Lanka where the girls are safe, there is no doubt left, that Pahan Tharuwa is more than an obligation to be build.
Alvaro Del Arco (30)
Graphic Designer, Spain